поглотитель влаги, высушивающий реагент, осушитель

English-Russian dictionary of aviation and space materials . 1972.

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  • Exsiccant — Ex*sic cant, a. [L. exsiccans, p. pr. of exsiccare. See {Exsiccate}.] Having the quality of drying up; causing a drying up. n. (Med.) An exsiccant medicine. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • exsiccant — SYN: desiccant. * * * ex·sic·cant (ek sikґənt) desiccant …   Medical dictionary

  • exsiccant — exsiccˈant adjective • • • Main Entry: ↑exsiccate …   Useful english dictionary

  • desiccant — 1. Drying; causing or promoting dryness. SYN: desiccative. 2. An agent that absorbs moisture; a drying agent. SYN: desiccator (1). SYN: exsiccant. [L. de sicco, pp. siccatus, to dry up] * * * des·ic·cant des i kənt adj tending to dry or desiccate …   Medical dictionary

  • drying — Synonyms and related words: Sanforizing, air drying, anhydration, atrophy, attenuation, blast freezing, bottling, brining, canning, consumption, corning, curing, dehumidification, dehydrating, dehydration, desiccant, desiccation, desiccative,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • FUNGI — in arboribus nascentes, pro fomitibus olim erant et escae dicebantur. Serv. ex l. Comm. Clodii 4. Fomites assulae ambustae, ligna excavata, a fungis nomine excepto. Unde apud recentiores Graecos Medicos Ι῎ςκαι, h. e. escae, proprie appellantur… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • LUNGYEN — h. e. Draconis oculus, dicitur in imperio Sinensi fructus rotundus, corticefructui Lichi, de quo supra, non absimilis, nisi quod paulo minor ac rotundior est, ut cerasa fere Europae maiora, et pelle aliquantulum duriore, quam Lichi, magisqueve… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • ex|sic|cant — «ehk SIHK uhnt», adjective, noun. –adj. having the power of drying up, as a medicine. –n. an exsiccant medicine or agent. ╂[< Latin exsiccāns, antis, present participle of exsiccāre; see etym. under exsiccate (Cf. ↑exsiccate)] …   Useful english dictionary